Our Reward Program

We do value our customer loyalty and this is why Les Deux Belges Store is rewarding everyone who uses our services and join our community because there is no such thing than nice Rewards.

Our Reward program works with points that are earned through different actions but of course, the one we cherish the most is when you buy our Products.

How to collect points

One of the fastest way to collect point on our store is by purchasing our Products.

You will earn 1 point for every 10 PHP you spend on our website.

Create an account on our Store and you’ll get, as a welcome gift,¬†50 points that you can use on your first purchase.

Whether you LOVE our Products or HATE them, by helping all customers to have a better opinion about items from our store, we will credit 25 points for every review of our Products you will create.

Redeeming my points

Well, it is nice to collect points but it is even better to redeem them. On Les Deux Belges Store, the Rewards program aims to enhance your experience with us.

Upon check-out, you will have the opportunity to reduce your total cart’s price by using some of all your points. For every 100 points you’ve earned with us, you will get a discount of 25 Php.

Those points are somehow cash equivalent and can be used in any conjunction with other discounts on our Shop.

Disclaimer: For some promotions, the number of points to be collected on purchase might be reduced. The points have a one-year expiration.