Rasta Trolls


The Rasta Trolls has a straw blonde dress.
Aromas of green apple and rum add to the basic aromas of the Cuvée des Trolls (yellow and white fruit, citrus fruits)
For the aficionados, a mint leaf could bring a touch of extra freshness.
The taste has a nice balance between sweetness and a little acidity.

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Developed in 2018, the Rasta Trolls is a special version of Cuvée des Trolls enriched with natural aromas of brown rum.

The beer comes in a green bottle and is ultra-refreshing. It’s the ideal beer to enjoy as an aperitif, after work or in the evening. In short, this is the perfect beer to help you relax. Rasta Trolls has an alcohol percentage of 7%. Do not worry, beer happy


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