Lindemans Gueuze

ALC 5%
  | Lambic Beer


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A gueuze that is both sweet and dry with a pleasantly sweet attack and a fresh, slightly sour finish reminiscent of sherry with notes of champagne and rhubarb.

Lindemans Brewery
Alcohol content
Lambic Beer
Golden and light blond
Fruity, wild yeast, musty, woody
Sweet and dry, slight sour finish


What is a Lambic?
A lambic beer is a beer that is produced with spontaneous fermentation. This means that wild yeast naturally blown in the beer by the wind and will start the fermentation process without human interaction. This is the oldest beer style brewed today. It takes at least 1 year to brew a young gueuze, the base for all lambic beers. This is a 100% can be blended with different real fresh ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

Lindemans Gueuze:
There are several stories to explain the origin of the term ‘gueuze’. This name dates back to the Rue de Gueuze in Brussels where, for the first time, a producer offered his delicious lambic in champagne bottles. Word about the ‘lambick on Rue de Gueuze’ quickly got around. According to other sources, gueuze has its roots in ‘gazeux’ – the French word for carbonated – since traditional gueuze is a carbonated blend of different lambics.

After the Second World War, some lambic brewers devised a new production method in response to the arrival of pilsner beers. They filtered the beer, added sugar, saturated it (with carbon dioxide) and pasteurised it. This new gueuze, closed with a bottle cap and available in 25 cl bottles, was called capped gueuze.

Lindemans Gueuze is a one year old lambic that is slightly sweet, making the gueuze more appealing to a wider audience.