Lindemans Faro

ALC 4.5%
  | Lambic Beer


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A perfectly balanced sweet syrup taste with a particularly ample sour-sweet finish.

Lindemans Brewery
Alcohol content
Lambic Beer
Woody, fruity, musty
Balance sweet syrup taste with a particularly ample sour-sweet finish.


What is a Lambic?
A lambic beer is a beer that is produced with spontaneous fermentation. This means that wild yeast naturally blown in the beer by the wind and will start the fermentation process without human interaction. This is the oldest beer style brewed today. It takes at least 1 year to brew a young gueuze, the base for all lambic beers. This is a 100% can be blended with different real fresh ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

Lindemans Faro:
Lambic is one of the world’s oldest beers. According to some, it is also the best, even if its characteristic acidity does not please all palates. To offset this acidity, some decided to add sugar to it. Thus Faro Lambic was born. Adding sugar syrup to lambic was a revelation at the time of Bruegel. (Some even argue that without Faro Lambic, Bruegel would have been deprived of inspiration and would have remained an ordinary amateur painter whose canvases couldn’t even have been sold at a flea market.) Until the 19th century, Faro Lambic was very prevalent in the Brussels region. Folklore there was frequently associated with it, and the divine liquid flowed like water. In the fields, workers drank a Faro Lambic to regain their strength.
Then Faro Lambic fell into oblivion. It was not until 1978 that our family brought it back to centre stage. Or centre Senne, as you prefer. Particularly appreciated after physical exertion, Faro Lambic is not only easy to drink, it is a joy to do so. Today, our Faro Lambic is the perfect beer for recovering after physical exertion. It is the favourite beverage of amateur cyclists!