Biercine “70 Years” – Collector

ALC 44%
  | Botanical Liqueur


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Made in 1946, this is a digestive liquor, with only a limited of 1,000 bottles produced from a judicious selection of 7 spices and plants, as well as a saffron-based colouring. It has a fresh nose of fennel and caraway, with sweet attack on the spice, and a sweet and long finish. It is best served fresh out of the fridge, at the end of the meal, or in cocktail and dessert.


Biercee Distillery
Alcohol content
Botanical Liqueur
Complex first nose of fennel and cumin
Gentle attack of spice and herbs with magnificent rich, smooth and long finish


If you think that this rare liqueur, sought after by collectors is, as its name might lead us to believe, a simple re-issue of the original Biercine from 1946, you’d be quite mistaken.

Biercine Collector is indeed distilled from the same aromatic herbs and plants as its older sister. But, in this collector’s version, the medicinal herbs macerate in an eau-de-vie from our stills, made from local apples. And it’s thanks to this process that is has exactly the same alcohol content as the Biercine elaborated by Jules Cleempoel: 44% ABV.

This liqueur, elaborated for the 70th anniversary of our distillery, is therefore a magnificent emblem of our Master Distillers’ talent, who pass down their know-how of the craft from generation to generation.

Fine connoisseurs will appreciate the expression of the perfect balance of its ingredients and the harmony of aromas it releases. Angelica root, fennel, hyssop, cumin, to name but a few, are what give Biercine Collector all its body, its aromatic complexity and its exceptional taste.

Biercine Collector has also been acknowledged as a ‘remarkable liqueur’ by the international jury of the International Taste & Quality Institute* (iTQi). In May 2018, it awarded the liqueur a Gold Medal with two stars. Thanks to its golden colour, its aromas, its flavours and its endnotes, it earned scores ranging from 83.6 to 92.1 out of 100. A superb score that recognises an exceptional recipe, outstanding know-how and the passion of the entire team.

To enjoy the organoleptic richness of a true connoisseur, drink it in a tulip glass at 6-8° C.