Biercee Bitter

ALC 20%
  | Bitter Liqueur


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A totally natural and harmonious bitter that is perfectly balanced with fruitiness. It is best served as an aperitif with soda, or orange juice; with premium tonic; with lemonade, or SPRITZ, and retro but on-trend cocktails

Biercee Distillery
Alcohol content
Bitter Liqueur
Translucent Red-Orange
Citrus fruit filled with sunshine and a light aroma of lavender
Slightly acid and bitter attack of gentian, bitter orange and red fruit. Lovely long finish with notes of spices, dark chocolate and coffee.


Acknowledged as a ‘remarkable product’ in May 2018, this liqueur with a typically Belgian bitterness, is elaborated exclusively from 100% natural ingredients.

Perfectly balanced, Biercée Bitter’s wonderful bitterness is the result of the meticulous distillation of gentian, bitter orange and angelica root. Added to this is a distillate of roasted cocoa beans, and the distillate of a coffee specially selected and roasted for our distillery by a Walloon coffee merchant in the Liège region.

Its fruity flavour is the result of a cleverly orchestrated assembly of distillates from non-treated citrus fruits and fresh red fruits.

Biercée Bitter is best enjoyed neat or on ice, as a traditional aperitif or mixed with a fizzy drink. It will also delight your guests in your summer cocktails. Simple cocktails: with a lemon-flavoured fizzy drink, or in the famous «Spritz» , or mixed with a premium tonic or orange juice.